CIC Barcelona

The Barcelona Shared Innovation Centre (CIC Barcelona) is the office in charge of the development of shared innovation centres for the generation of ICT innovation initiatives in Barcelona.

CIC Barcelona seeks to find feasible transverse solutions providing high-level functionality, careful resource management and optimum financial effort. Its goal is to discover innovative solutions allowing new initiatives to be taken and to make such initiatives better, different and more efficient through the application of realistic criteria and the assurance of successful implementation.

As the managing body of the innovation initiatives generation process, CIC Barcelona applies working methodologies certified by the standards PMBOK® and UNE-166002:2006, which are made available to participants. Each shared innovation centre, however, may adopt its own methodological framework.

CIC Barcelona is set within the Directorate for ICT Innovation and Architectures of Barcelona City Council’s Municipal Institute for Computer Science.

CIC Barcelona promotes the generation of innovation initiatives through the discovery of new ICT opportunities for the city. It does so by unfolding its activity along four main lines:

1// Assessment of the feasibility, value and timeliness of proposals and selection of those to be implemented.

2// Cooperation on the formalization and development of proposals.

3// Establishment of the terms for implementation of proposals through projects, when appropriate.

4// Fostering of cooperation among organizations.

CIC Barcelona also promotes cooperation and the sharing of knowledge with citizens, companies and institutions participating in other CICs within the pertinent limits of confidentiality and intellectual property.