How CIC is done?

A shared innovation centre (CIC) is formalized by means of an agreement between Barcelona City Council’s Municipal Institute for Computer Science and the respective agent or agents from the business sphere, the academic or educational field, other public administrations or the civil society. With the convergence of goals and interests among the parties involved, each centre is constituted by means of a formal agreement defining:

1// The participating parties, the scope of activity, responsibilities, the duration of cooperation and the resources to be contributed.

2// Confidentiality and property clauses.

3// Stipulations on any other circumstance of joint interest.

The agreements of this type are established bilaterally (for cooperation between the City Council and one third party) or multilaterally (for cooperation between the City Council and two or more third parties).

Each shared innovation centre (CIC) is formed by a multidisciplinary team composed of experts on product or service strategies and other experts (industrial designers, marketing experts, hardware or software development engineers, etc.), who seek to provide a comprehensive view of the innovation project’s feasibility and development possibilities.

Industry: large companies in the ICT sector with the capacity to implement technological surveillance, to explore new technological advances of all types and to take advantage of suppliers’ experience and their R&D&I initiatives to keep the City Council and the city itself in the forefront of the ICTs.

Opentext, Avanade, Hitachi, Everis, Epson, Toshiba, Deloitte, Omega Peripherals...

Academia - Education: universities, business schools and vocational training centres, compulsory secondary education schools, primary schools and extracurricular training activities (after-school programmes, summer camps...). The joint goal is the search for talent and the promotion of interest in the ICTs, bearing in mind these institutions’ interests in each stage and their outlook on the city’s evolution.

Open University of Catalonia (UOC), BarcelonaTech’s UPCnet company, ESADE Business School, IESE Business School, Pompeu Fabra University (UPF), Catalan Association of Public Universities (ACUP)...

Public administrations: raising of institutional support and promotion of ICTs.

Government of Catalonia (Generalitat), Citilab, Punt Tic network...

Civil society: SMEs and professionals. Attraction of entrepreneurship to catalyze all initiatives.

ACC10, Infantium, Siine, Sinetric...