Shared innovation centres (CICs in its Catalan acronym) are multidisciplinary work teams or cooperation frameworks created to generate innovation proposals in the ICT area. They conceptualize, contextualize and develop ideas and improvement opportunities linked to the city of Barcelona’s current and future needs in the field of new technologies.

This is a win-win cooperation model based on common interests connected with innovation in the ICT field. This model promotes, directly or indirectly, the transformation of innovative ideas into real projects of high added value for citizens.

The creation of shared innovation centres (CICs) falls within the Barcelona City Council’s strategy to foster technological progress in the city and to make public services more efficient by supporting the alliance between the City Council and the ICT sector in order to promote the deployment of the digital society and to strengthen Barcelona’s brand image as an innovative technological city.

1// To reach cooperation agreements between the leading players in innovation (industry, academia/education, public administrations and civil society).

2// To provide advice on the creation of pilot tests; to develop new projects, architectures and standards; and to accompany, monitor and cooperate with universities and the academic sphere.

3// To promote and participate in events aimed to foster innovative activity: conferences, training capsules, courses, brainstorming and idea generation, etc.

A// Innovation is an indispensable tool for improving the city and the economic and social life of its inhabitants. Acting as an engine of economic and social activity, it creates wealth and forms the main source of talent generation. Innovation’s end goal is for citizens to benefit from the products and services deriving from it.

B// The starting point for innovation is teamwork, in which knowledge is shared and intense efforts are made to generate talent.

C// Innovation in Barcelona allows development towards a self-sufficient city with productive neighbourhoods living at a human pace within a hyper-connected, high-speed zero-emissions metropolis.